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Any cases where content of this website is not the original creation of Chris or Elise is properly labeled as such with credit going to the original creator. Such examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, photographs from Uni Stuttgart taken mostly by Smitty but also by Brad as well as the quotes shown on each page which are in turn attributed to their original speakers/writers.

Any photograph not taken by Chris or Elise is being used with the expressed permission of the original creators and as stated above such photographs are attributed appropriately. All quotes are represented as such, with attribution to their original creators and are used within the boundaries of fair use.


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As such, all reviews on this website for any product or service including whisk(e)y have been done in a non-professional manner using the names and photographs of the products in review solely for the purpose of identifying the products to website readers who have interest in the personal opinions of Chris and Elise, or in the case of whisk(e)y, interest in what whisk(e)y Chris has tried. By listing any product or service on this website does not imply any kind of endorsement from the manufacturer or supplier of the service.


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