Given our propensity for seeking escapes from cold weather, Barcelona seemed a natural getaway destination for a warm(er) respite from the winter blues. It has been a long time since we were last in Barcelona together. Shortly before Christmas we decided to spend a long weekend there, reacquainting ourselves with the genius that is tapas dining as well as enjoying the architecture and endless winding streets of the gothic quarter.

Nothing quite reinforces the sense of time passing as seeing a massive Catalan gothic basilica being raised over the course of one’s lifetime. Sagrada Família has come a long way since we last saw it. Today it is a nearly-complete and dazzlingly beautiful display of Antoni Gaudí’s genius. It is also a grim reminder of the relentless onward slog of time. It is slated to be complete in 2026.

2026 is only six years away. Happy new year.

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